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Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation & Treatment Program

It can be hard for somebody who has never experienced alcohol addiction to understand how it feels. There are many approaches people use to try to understand it — some look at it from a medical perspective, while others view it through the lens of psychological behavior. Regardless, there is one common theme surrounding alcohol addiction from every point of view: it can ruin lives.

Here at Steps Recovery Centers, we help patients understand that alcohol addiction is not permanent and that it can be reversed. We have a team of counselors and medical professionals ready to help you make the necessary changes and re-enter a life of sobriety.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

As one of the leading alcohol rehab centers in Utah, we practice the 12-step process for a more holistic approach to treatment. We do our best to understand where every patient is coming from and apply techniques that will free the body, mind, and spirit from addiction. We also offer medication and exercise techniques to help prevent relapses.

Equally important to the treatment of the person experiencing addiction is the work Steps Recovery Centers does to help families and individuals grasp the root of the problem and empathize with their loved ones.

Highly Experienced and Certified

Steps Recovery Centers is certified by the Joint Commission National Quality Association. We believe that you and your loved ones deserve the right care at a price that you can afford, and we can accept most insurance policies.

Our goal is to help you overcome addiction and prevent future dependence on alcohol or other substances. Visit our other pages to learn more about the ways we treat addiction, get in touch with our client service division, or visit us in person.

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