Excellent Care at a Price You Can Afford

We work with clients and families in every financial position, and strive to make drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation affordable.

Steps Recovery Centers specializes in bringing excellent care within the reach of as many families as possible. There should be no roadblocks on your path to recovery, especially the ability to pay for treatment.

The Steps philosophy of care includes a professional and trained staff, excellent amenities, and a highly successful client-to-staff ratio while delivering results at a reasonable cost.

Call our admissions team and allow us to discuss options with you and walk you through the process. We work with clients and families in every financial position, and strive to make drug and alcohol rehabilitation affordable.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance can often help offset, and occasionally, completely cover the cost of receiving treatment.

We work with many insurance companies and can find a course of care that works for everyone. We are experts in working with insurance companies to determine the highest level of financial coverage possible … especially with insurers who may have told you “no” already! Let our trained admission team contact your insurance company, first. The high level of care we provide gives compelling value to our clients as well as to the insurers who cover them.

Most insurance types are accepted.

Additional Funding Options

Religious organizations

We work with many religious organizations who offer support and we offer a special discount to them for their support.

Lending institutions

You may secure funding through your own lending institution or choose to apply for funding through OnSpot Financing, our preferred provider.

All major credit cards accepted

Creative financing solutions

There are many options that can be explored to ensure that you and your loved one can receive the help that’s needed. Talk with one of our admission counselors about creative ways that can be considered to work out funding treatment.

Call us and talk to one of our admissions counselors. We’ll find a customized solution to fit your needs.


We offer local credit union financing through OnSpot Financing.