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Our Services

All services listed below are encompassed as being part of the collection process and consistent with the commission percentages depicted in our client agreement.

Our Services

Meade Recovery Services LLC Pre-Collections


No two patient situations are the same. Meade Recovery Services offers pre-collection options to help your practice with these types of situations. Our pre-collection services can be utilized on a per patient basis or for all patients. The option is yours.

Meade Recovery Services LLC Collections

Standard Collections

Our collection process begins the day an account is assigned for collection. Payment plans can be arranged if the patient is unable to pay the balance.

Meade Recovery Services LLC Credit Reporting

Credit Reporting

Meade Recovery allows a 180-day grace period on all collection accounts prior to listing with credit bureaus. We encourage and work with patients to pay accounts in full prior to any negative credit listing.

Meade Recovery Services LLC Bankruptcy Tracking

Bankruptcy Tracking

A bankruptcy filing does not always mean that your account is uncollectable. Many bankruptcies are dismissed. Meade Recovery Services tracks each bankruptcy until they are either discharged or dismissed. Collection activity resumes for those bankruptcies that have been dismissed.

Meade Recovery Services LLC Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

MRS, LLC uses the most up-to-date resources available to locate those accounts that have moved and failed to update address with your practice. Accounts are continuously monitored for current addresses and additional contact information.

Meade Recovery Services LLC Legal Remedies

Legal Remedies

Meade Recovery Services has long-standing relationships with the most reputable Utah attorneys. A written authorization is obtained before for any account going through our legal process.

Meade Recovery Services LLC Company Info

Who We Are

MRS offers a wide range of payment options at every stage of the collection process. We realize that times are tough and that falling upon hard times is more common now than ever before. Our payment options are designed to be flexible to meet your patient’s financial situation while effectively reducing the debt and putting money back in your pocket where it belongs. In this day and age the excuse that “it’s in the mail” is no longer valid. Although we do accept mail payments, we also offer payments over the phone and online, allowing patients real-time approval and transaction confirmation.