The meade recovery advantage

A specialized approach tailored to meet your specific collection needs

Meade Recovery Services offers a variety of options to best suit your specific collection needs.
Our collection services are a direct extension of the reputation you have built. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their patients are treated with compassion and respect throughout the collection process.
Simple and Streamlined
Our collection process is simple and easy to understand for both client and patient.
Meade Recovery only collects for Medical and Dental Debt.

Who We Are

  • We specialize solely in the collection of medical and dental debt.
  • Over 20 years of medical collection experience and then 


We are commited to everyone involved to ensure everyone's satisfaction.

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By far the best collections agency I have had experience with! Debt collection can be a painful process, but the representatives at Meade really do try their best to work with people. If you treat the representatives kindly and answer all their questions, they are more than happy to set you up on a manageable payment plan and provide you with as much information as they have. I'm not sure why other people who have worked with them have had such negative experiences, because as long as you are respectful and acknowledge that the representatives have their own limitations, the process is as painless as debt collection can be. I encourage people who have debts through Meade to call in and work with the representatives to pay it off so that no unnecessary fees or legal action occurs.
Carmen Jeppson
Carmen Jeppson
20:00 11 May 19