Paddle Rafts

Grand River Rigs is now offering Row rigs and Paddle Rigs for your private Grand and Cataract trip. Starting fall of 2021 Wing rafts and Hyside rafts/kayaks will be available.

Row & Paddle Rigs

Grand River Rigs is excited to announce that we are adding Hyside Row and Paddle rigs to our fleet. We choose Hyside because we have personally used every raft made and have witnessed and experienced the Industry leading tracking ability, handling characteristics, and ease of repair, which you will probable never have to do, that Hyside Rafts and Kayaks offer! GRR Row Rigs are custom built for your Grand Adventure. The kick is 1.5 inches higher than the standard Pro 18.0 XT to add in taking on the big water of the Grand Canyon. D-rings are placed specifically for GRR frames preventing D-ring failure and keeping the frame form moving. More pics of complete Rig with oars and boxes coming soon.

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