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Maile Wilson Edwards

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Maile Wilson Edwards

Maile was born and raised in Cedar City Utah. Her family roots in the community date back almost 90 years. Her deep appreciation for the Cedar City community and its citizens inspired her to public service. Trained in law, budgeting and public administration, she is proud to use these skills on behalf of the residents and businesses as Cedar City mayor.
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Economic Development

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Maile Executes projects that make a difference for Cedar City.

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Cedar City community leaders believe in Maile.

As the son of a small dairy farmer, a graduate of SUU in business and finance, and a retired chief financial officer for State Bank of Southern Utah, I understand the importance of a fiscally sound organization. The City must be watchful of spending to assure it benefits residents, and cautious of regulations that place undue burdens on small businesses that are the lifeblood of our City. As a former State Legislator, I have seen Maile fight for the interests of Cedar City and ensure that the City had a voice on Capitol Hill. From testifying in legislative committee meetings to working with state leadership, she has always focused on bringing attention and funding to our City. I know that Maile is the best person for addressing citywide infrastructure, planning for future needs, and pursuing all available avenues for funding in order to complete projects critical to Cedar City’s current and future quality of life. I trust Maile to provide balanced city budgets that will support a stable local economy and provide a quality of life for our children, families and retirees. Please join me in supporting strong fiscal management, by voting for Maile Wilson Edwards in November.
John R. Westwood
Retired Banker
I grew up in Cedar City. As a wife, mother, accountant, and business professor, I understand the importance of good financial management. Our public officials must be problem solvers, who understand budgeting, and can look for ways to provide services and solve problems in the most fiscally responsible way. As leaders they must be good listeners and communicators so they can work with business owners and CEOs of major companies to encourage economic development and bring high paying jobs to the area. Public funds and the public’s business must be properly and ethically managed, and transparent, and I trust Maile Wilson Edwards to do this as Mayor. Please join me in supporting Maile Wilson Edwards for Mayor of Cedar City.
Mary Pearson
Associate Professor
Maile will continue to do a great job as Mayor, and do great things for Cedar City.
Dean Bulloch
Business Owner
I am honored to endorse Maile Wilson Edwards for Cedar City Mayor with great enthusiasm and gratitude. She is a bridge builder, a problem solver, and a truly selfless public servant that has worked tirelessly for our community for the past eight years. We would be lucky to have her for four more. Speaking as a parent, an educator, and a lifelong Cedar City resident, I give Maile my full and heartfelt support.
Dr. Elaine Braithwaite Vickers